Happy Memorial Day

posted in: Refrigeration

Properly maintained refrigerated equipment means a lot for our customers this holiday weekend. Tight delivery schedules multiplied by a heavy demand leaves little room for error. Customers such as Hannaford, Oakhurst Dairy, and Country Kitchen Bread (LePage Bakeries) really rely on Kris-Way during busy holidays.

Our lease units are built to customer specifications that meet their operational demands. Little things such as the right liftgate, ramp, or floor make a big difference. Proper specifications are also very important to ensure a safe and timely delivery of your product.

Undoubtedly, with all mechanical equipment there will be failures. Our 24 hour service and 24 hour road service provide our customers with the coverage they need to get back up and running so they can stay on schedule.

Kris-Way Truck Leasing, Inc. wishes you and your family a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend.

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