No Substitute for Service

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We face challenging economic times. No doubt about it. But recently a disturbing trend has emerged. In an effort to cut costs folks are looking for bottom dollar prices. Fleets are forgetting that also will cut into their service program. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” still is as true today as when the phrase was coined.

Many full service truck leasing companies, in an effort to sell a low ball price, are lengthening their service intervals to 35,000 miles. While it is true that today’s oils will last that long, 35,000 miles is a long time to not have a technician put a pair of eyes on a truck. This is especially true in Northern New England. Crowned roads, potholes, and frost heaves put a lot of stress on a tractor as it navigates the terrain. Other shortcuts are extending tire use, compromising substitute equipment quality, and avoiding repairs until it puts the unit out of service. All these result in increased down time, missed delivery windows, and driver frustration. In the long run, the money you saved up front is lost.

At Kris-Way we believe in doing things right. Our customer relationships are based on a long term commitment to a business partnership. We don’t compromise service. Our customers’ safety and their operations depend on it.

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