NTSB’s Hersman Urges EOBRs for All Commercial Trucks

posted in: Regulatory

The National Transportation Safety Board’s chairwoman Debbie Hersman said at a recent press conference that all commercial trucks should be outfitted with electronic onboard recorders. Her reasoning is that the electronic recorders would help monitor driver hours and reduce fatigue, which she blamed for truck accidents. She also called the 2007 proposal by the Federal Motor Safety Administration that some carrier be forced to us the equipment as “minimal”.

Keep in mind that the NTSB has no regulatory authority. And although Hersman claims that the Federal agencies agree with her, we see EOBRs being required in the near future for repeat offenders, but not being required across the board. However, should you want to look into EOBRs, Kris-Way has extensive knowledge on the subject and can point you in the right direction to a cost effective solution.

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