Paccar Unveils MX Engine

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After spending $1 billion and 10 years, Paccar (Kenworth & Peterbilt) unveiled the company’s first North American heavy duty diesel engine. The MX engine can already be ordered by customers who purchase Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. The first engines are being produced in Europe by the Paccar subsidiary DAF. This summer Paccar’s new Columbus Mississippi plant will begin producing the engines.

The MX engines will use SCR to meet the 2010 environmental standards. The MX is a 12.0 liter engine and will be available with horsepower between 380 hp and 485 hp with torque outputs up to 1,750 foot-pounds.

Kenworth and Peterbilt customers will have the choice of the new Paccar engine or engines produced by Cummins Inc.

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