Kris-Way Rolls Out First Kenworth T700

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Kris-Way put our first Kenworth T700 Sleeper Tractor into service today. The T700 offers maximum fuel economy and comfort. According to Kenworth, ” the hood, fenders, headlamps, windshield, roof, bumper and fairings merge in such a clean and precise shape that the T700 produces the lowest aerodynamic drag of any Kenworth. Ever.”

In regards to comfort, the T700 offers the following, “A towering 96 inches of headroom. 60 cubic feet of interior storage. Quality materials. World-class styling. A seamless, integrated, wide-open floor plan filled with a myriad of innovative ideas that bring an extra measure of luxury and practicality to the road: abundant xenon incandescent lighting, operational flat panel TV mount and drawer style refrigerator.”

JCI Chemicals T700

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