What is the Right Engine for Your Fleet?

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Many fleets are moving to using a single uniform spec. For example Con-Way has gone to the Freightliner Cascadia with the Detroit DD13 engine. One reason is that the 13 liter engines used to offer 1,150 lbs-feet of torque back in 1992. The DD13 now offers up to 1650 lb/ft and up to 470 horsepower.
The goal is now to balance torque and horsepower needs against fuel economy and weight factors. Of course durability and price are also key factors.
Fleet managers can get the knowledge they need from consulting with Kris-Way representatives. Important items to consider are driving distances and load factors. Are routes regional or long haul? Are loads constant or do they diminish? Answering these questions and others can lead to a better performing fleet.

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