Seat Belts Save Lives

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Here are some interesting facts that come to us from the New Hampshire Motor Transport Association on seat belt safety.


Seatbelt Facts:

– 60% to 75% of all injuries in a motor vehicle crash may be prevented by using a seatbelt.

– 40% to 50% of traffic fatalities could have been prevented by wearing seatbelts.

– People are four times more likely to die when ejected from a vehicle.

– An unbelted passenger, weighting 180 pounds be-ing hurtled at 30 mph will hit with the force of two tons (2,000 pounds).

– Medical treatment costs average 50% more for injuries sustained by unbelted motorists.

– Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death in the workplace and a leading cause of work-related disabilities.

– It is estimated that using seatbelts reduces the risk of death among front seat occupants by about 45%.

– The risk reductions for using seatbelts among oc-cupants of pickup trucks are estimated to be 60% to 65%.

– Seatbelt use is an inexpensive and effective way for employers to reduce occupational deaths and injuries.

– Seatbelts may not prevent a crash, but the use of seatbelts will reduce the emotional and physical costs, as well as financial and corporates of doing business.

Does your firm have a clear, concise, and enforce-able seatbelt use policy?

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