New Efficiency Goals Set for Tractors, Engines

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Increasing stringent standards are coming in 2021, 2024, and 2027 in regards to fuel economy and new trucks. The goal is to tighten greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would phase the standards in. The new proposal will follow the 2014 efficiency standards that are scheduled to get tighter in 2017. The new proposal is phase 2 of these standards.

The proposed cut in carbon dioxide emissions for new trucks is as much as 24% by 2027 when compared with the 2017 level. Trailers would be required to be 8% more efficient than a trailer in 2017 and engine efficiency would need to increase by an additional 4.2% as part of the overall gain.

Manufacturers are  projecting a $12,000 increase but claim the fuel savings will pay for the increase. There is some concern by end users that the benefit will not outweigh the cost. There is also concern that the new technologies may not be as reliable as advertised. Those concerns are not unfounded given the list of problems that have occurred with new trucks and emissions equipment since 2007.

One reason many fleets are turning to leasing is the overwhelming technology, training, and tooling needed to stay on top of the new equipment. Kris-Way offers customers the chance to focus on their core business while we handle the day to day challenges that come from operating a clean fuel efficient fleet.


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