It Comes Down to Service

Companies lease trucks so that they can rely on the expertise of the leasing company. Leasing companies provide technical knowledge, leverage with the manufacturers, extended service hours, and so much more. Competitive financing, substitute equipment, and regulatory support are just a few of the other services a leasing company can provide.

But in the end it really comes down to providing superior customer service. This allows customers to focus on their core business and not on the day to day issues that can bog a fleet down . All the bells and whistles don’t make up for a lack of strong, nimble, and flexible customer service.

Local providers, such as Kris-Way, have an advantage in that the owners are in the store. We can make quick decisions on the spot and react quicker than large national firms. Trucks break down, it’s what you do when that happens that makes the difference.


Kris-Way South Portland technician on the job

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