Seat Belts Save Lives

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Here are some interesting facts that come to us from the New Hampshire Motor Transport Association on seat belt safety.   Seatbelt Facts: – 60% to 75% of all injuries in a motor vehicle crash may be prevented by using a seatbelt. – 40% to 50% of traffic fatalities could have been prevented by wearing seatbelts. – People are four times more likely to die when ejected from a vehicle. – An unbelted passenger, weighting 180 pounds be-ing hurtled at … Read More

Kris-Way Places Platinum in NationaLease Master’s Club

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Evan Keefer has achieved Platinum status for the 2012 NationaLease Master’s Club. Gold Level the previous 2 years, Evan tallied enough sales points in 2012 to gain the highest level attainable through NationaLease. Sales people are awarded points for each lease and contract maintenance unit signed in the calendar year. This year, through the efforts of the Manchester and Concord branches and the interest that marketplace has in a strong independent leasing company, Kris-Way was able to achieve the prestigious … Read More

NationaLease Buying Power

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Kris-Way has access to increased purchasing power through NationLease. We offer our customers access to this advantage when we secure equipment for our customer under our Full Service Leasing Program. Some of the OEM’s we deal with include: Freightliner, Hino, Kenworth, Isuzu, Volvo, Utility Trailers, Hyundai Trailers, Carrier, Thermo King, Morgan Bodies, Johnson Bodies, Kidron Bodies, Supreme Bodies, and Ottowa Yard Tractors.  

Navistar to Continue with EGR on Medium Duty

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Navistar sources say it’s a “pretty good bet” that they’ll continue to use EGR on the medium duty products through 2013. Due to the failure to meet EPA standards Navistar is now offering SCR Cummins engines in their heavy duty trucks and will also switch to the SCR platform in their own heavy duty engines. Navistar has enough credits to continue running the EGR engines until 2014 in the medium duty trucks. Their plan is to transition to SCR over … Read More

Carrier and Thermo King Discuss New Emissions Rules

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The following excerpt is from Trucking Info Magazine: “Through the years, reducing exhaust emissions to meet federal and California limits for any kind of vehicle has cost billions of dollars and added complexity for owners. Will it be the same for operators of transport refrigeration units, which must meet Tier 4 Final emissions limits this January? The answer will be yes for higher purchasing expense (how much higher, the reefer manufacturers aren’t publicly saying), but the diesel engines on reefer … Read More

Rapid Reaction

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Kris-Way now offers rapid reaction to diagnostic fault codes through our offering of PeopleNet. Our service managers are able to gain access in real time to engine fault codes as they happen. This allows us to diagnose issues over the road without having to spend time coming to the truck to plug in. Several of our customers have chosen to add PeopleNet to their equipment both as an on board computer to handle driver logs and IFTA as well as … Read More

T. Boone Pickens to Speak at NationaLease Annual Meeting

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NationaLease members have the exclusive opportunity to have their questions answered by legendary oil and gas entrepreneur, T. Boone Pickens. During the session, moderated by Jane Clark, Mr. Pickens will be answering member questions about his experience as the national’s most effective energy expert. Kris-Way is committed to helping our nation gain energy independence and will be in attendance.

New Trucks Present New Challenges

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In a recent Transport Topics article, carriers are happy with the new engine technologies and aerodynamics in regards to fuel economy. The results are a mixed bag however when talking about maintenance. Many fleets report having issues with trucks that have traveled less than 40,000 miles. A common theme is the engines have become so sophisticated they present a whole new set of challenges. Another item that fleets now face is the cost of the technology to maintain the new … Read More

Navistar Switching to SCR

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From Fleet Owner Magazine: Navistar International is switching its 2010 EPA emissions strategy to a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. During a morning investor conference call, Daniel C. Ustian, chairman, president & CEO, made the announcement that the company would be adding “urea-based aftertreatment” to its Advanced Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology to allow its engines to meet emissions standards of 0.20 grams of NOx. The new solution, to be available in early 2013, the company said, will be called … Read More

AG New England Shines at NH/VT Truck Driving Championships

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Associated Groces of New England had three drivers place at the 2012 New Hampshire/Vermont Truck Driving Championships. The event was hosted at their facility in Pembroke on June 2nd, 2012. John Gagnon placed 3rd in the Sleeper Division. Marvin Sowers placed 2nd in the Stright Truck Division. And Paul Cunha placed first in the 4-axle Division. Kris-Way would like to recognize their outstanding achievement and their commitment to their profession. The challenge was both a written test and a series … Read More

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