Improve Fuel Economy with the Right Equipment

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Last week oil finished at over $91 a barrel. Higher fuel prices can be combated with equipment that has been built to customer specifications to meet their operational demands. Kris-Way sales personnel have years of experience putting folks in equipment with the right specifications to do the job. Items such as rear axle ratio, transmission, torque, tires, among many others can make a big difference with fuel economy. Full Service Leasing offers customers access to the latest equipment without … Read More

Wet Systems and Dump Trailers

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Kris-Way recently took on a customer that utilizes hydraulic wet systems on their tractors to operate 4 stage frameless dump trailers. Having a knowledgeable lease sales representative, service personnel, and the right piece of equipment to do the job is critical for customers in this type of operation. Never could “once size fits all” be more dangerous to the customer. Items such as full differential locks, heavy suspension, correct hydraulic tank size, and the correct fittings are crucial. Kris-Way also … Read More

Finding Success in Southern New Hampshire

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Kris-Way is quickly finding success in Southern, NH. Just a short year and a half ago Kris-Way was just getting started in the Manchester marketplace. At the time it seemed like it might be a tough road given the economy. But we forged ahead confident that the Manchester, Nashua, Concord marketplace was in need of a strong independent leasing company. With fewer than 10 full service lease vehicles we opened Kris-Way Manchester in 2009. Fast forward to January 2011 and … Read More

2010 Class 8 Truck Sales 14.6% Higher Than Last Year

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Reports sighted in the December 27th issue of Transport Topics suggest that demand for new trucks will accelerate sharply in the coming years. Larger fleets are currently driving demand up as older equipment needs to be replaced and late model used trucks are hard to come by. Many fleets have delayed purchasing new equipment but are now at a point where they cannot hold off any longer. Also, some customers are now seeking out 2010 technology SCR based engines looking … Read More


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There is has been a lot of debate on the difference between the two solutions for the 2010 EPA emissions standard. Here is a good article from PacLease on the subject.

Cold Weather Driving Tips

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I found a good article today on winter driving. As we enter the winter season we ask that all drivers take extra care. Truck Driving Job – Stay Safe and Survive the Winter Roads Author: Armil Velos Few months from now and December is here again. It means that Christmas season is on its way and together with that is the cold weather or winter! Winter brings some of the worst driving conditions and professional drivers are aware of that. … Read More

Vehicle Washing – Improve Image and Performance

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Image is very important to many of our customers. A clean fleet can go a long way to enhancing your image. Kris-Way offers vehicle washing as part of our Full Service Lease program. Our facilities are equipped with heated wash bays. Our South Portland facility offers a fully automated drive through wash bay. Regular washing also helps extend the life of equipment by cutting down on corrosion. Sodium chloride (rock salt), calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride can have a big … Read More

Shippers Turn to Logistics Providers to Meet Market Demands

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Demand for third party logistic services is on the rise due to anticipated restraints in freight hauling capacity. Customers are also turning to logistics providers as their supply chains become more and more complex. Companies are looking to reduce their costs. To guard against supply disruptions firms are moving inventory closer to customers and are using cross dock facilities to supply their stores more rapidly. As the economy rebounds capacity is also a concern. Kris-Way Truck Leasing offers dedicated logistics … Read More

Heavy and Medium Duty Truck Sales Rise

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Truck sales continue to increase as fleets look to replace aging equipment and can no longer delay the inevitable. Full Service Leasing offers a strong alternative to ownership given the increased cost of new equipment, complexity of the new equipment, and the financing power of a full service leasing company. Kris-Way offers a strong maintenance package, access to technical expertise and technology, and purchasing power.  Many companies that were long time truck owners are now turning to leasing. Kris-Way offers … Read More

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