Leasing Increasing as Percentage of Truck Market

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According to a new industry survey released by The Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA), members purchased 29% of all Class 2 through 7 commercial trucks in the U.S. and purchased more than 23% of all Class 8 tractors in 2016. The overall percentage total of Class 2-8 over the road trucks and tractors was 27.6% in 2016, which is a significant increase compared to less than a decade ago. As the cost of ownership increases along with the complexity … Read More

More Fleets Turn to Leasing

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Bolstered by increases in both purchase prices and the cost of maintenance, more fleets are turning from ownership to lease. NationaLease as a whole expects to grow its truck fleet by 10%. Also adding incentive is the challenge of finding and retaining good technicians. In the June 22, 2015 issue of Transport Topics, the Truck Renting and Leasing Association estimates that at least 35% of the class 3-8 market is now leased or rented. Customers are looking to use their … Read More

DOT Proposes to Cut Daily Reports

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Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is going to propose eliminating the requirement that inspection reports be filed daily even when no defects are found. He believes it will save the trucking industry $1.7 billion per year. http://www.linkedin.com/company/kris-way-truck-leasing  

Safe Driving Is Crucial

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A driver was found guilty of homicide in a recent case in Minnesota. Please stress the importance of safe driving to your drivers. The article describing this case from FleetOwner is pasted below and is a good lesson to take proper care when operating a truck. Distracted trucker found guilty of homicide Driver might have had his eyes off the road for almost a minute Deborah Whistler, Fleet Owner May 25, 2012 9:52am A judge has found that a truck … Read More

Consumer Prices Increase .04% in April

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The cost of living in the United States rose in April, led by increases in food and fuel. This follows a .05% increase in March. Excluding food and fuel the gauge rose .02%. Rising commodity prices are now pressuring prices. Prices increased 3.2% in the 12 months that ended in April. CPI rose 1.3% from April 2010, the most since February 2010.

Industry Trends Lead Fleets to Look to Leasing

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Many of today’s fleets are looking towards leasing equipment instead of ownership. A recent article in Heavy Duty Trucking highlights some of the reasons. http://digital.heavydutytrucking.com/heavydutytrucking/201103?sub_id=MBVM3G9P9MVL#pg88

2010 Class 8 Truck Sales 14.6% Higher Than Last Year

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Reports sighted in the December 27th issue of Transport Topics suggest that demand for new trucks will accelerate sharply in the coming years. Larger fleets are currently driving demand up as older equipment needs to be replaced and late model used trucks are hard to come by. Many fleets have delayed purchasing new equipment but are now at a point where they cannot hold off any longer. Also, some customers are now seeking out 2010 technology SCR based engines looking … Read More

Shippers Turn to Logistics Providers to Meet Market Demands

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Demand for third party logistic services is on the rise due to anticipated restraints in freight hauling capacity. Customers are also turning to logistics providers as their supply chains become more and more complex. Companies are looking to reduce their costs. To guard against supply disruptions firms are moving inventory closer to customers and are using cross dock facilities to supply their stores more rapidly. As the economy rebounds capacity is also a concern. Kris-Way Truck Leasing offers dedicated logistics … Read More