InSight Health Renews Long Term Kris-Way Relationship

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InSight Health Corp. is a provider of diagnostic imaging services, through a network of fixed-site centers and mobile facilities. Their services include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Open MRI, computerized tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), and combined PET/CT. As one of the largest integrated providers of diagnostic imaging services in the nation, they serve more than 600,000 patients nationwide on an annual basis. Kris-Way is proud to provide InSight with Full Service Lease tractors that allow their mobile team to provide these valuable services. InSight Mobile Services provides solutions to healthcare providers in low volume areas, facilities facing capacity issues, and state of the art equipment to facilities that may need to avoid the capital expenditure.

2010 Freightliner Cascadia
2010 Freightliner Cascadia

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