Full Service Truck Leasing Offers:

  • Customer specific vehicle specifications and financing.
  • Flexible lease terms.
  • Preventive maintenance program.
  • All routine maintenance, repairs, and tire service.
  • Substitute vehicles and discounted rental program.
  • Nationwide 24-hour road service, including access to our NationaLease service network.
  • Custom painting, lettering, and decaling.
  • Vehicle washing.
  • Fuel tax reporting.
  • Licensing and permitting.
  • Optional driver safety and compliance training.
  • Optional fuel program.
  • Optional management reporting services including GPS and on board recording devices.


Why Lease?

Save money:

Leasing eliminates the need for making major investments in equipment, facilities, fuel tanks, management and infrastructure, and environmental compliance.

Save Time:

Kris-Way takes complete responsibility for the vehicle, handling all maintenance, licensing, permits, and taxes, enabling you to devote energies where they are needed most – to building and running your business.

Eliminate Downtime:

Kris-Way’s 24-hour service facilities, roadside assistance, and substitute vehicle fleet help you meet your delivery schedules.

Benefit from New Equipment:

Our full service commercial truck leasing in Maine and New Hampshire keeps your company competitive and profitable by allowing you to upgrade your fleet on a timely basis. It also eliminates the burden of selling used equipment and the risk of loss on sale.

Full Service Truck Leasing Improves Productivity and Cash Flow:

Leasing allows you to add or upgrade equipment with 100% financing (no down payment).

The Flexibility of a Custom-Tailored Lease:

We can customize a lease to meet your specific needs. For example, Performance Food Group is both a full service lease customer and a maintenance lease customer – different vehicles require different solutions.

Lease Payments are Fixed:

They don’t fluctuate unexpectedly like loans tied to the prime rate. Leasing also simplifies your accounting and offers management a tool for more accurate long-term financial planning.

Conservation of Capital:

Money saved on equipment purchases can be more profitably expended for inventory, personnel, and marketing.

Financing of Associated Costs:

Installation, freight, sales tax, excise taxes, and registration are included in monthly lease payments.

Tax Benefits:

Purchases are made with after-tax dollars. Lease payments are deducted as a monthly operating expense, reducing your net cost.

Off Balance Sheet Financing:

Structured payments are an expense, not a liability. Key ratios are preserved for your company’s further advantage.


Leases are customized to meet your specific needs. Your business is able to specify term, equipment options, and purchase options.

Bank Credit Lines Remain Intact:

Kris-Way Truck Leasing, Inc. is an additional funding source for your growing business.


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