Safe Driving Is Crucial

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A driver was found guilty of homicide in a recent case in Minnesota. Please stress the importance of safe driving to your drivers. The article describing this case from FleetOwner is pasted below and is a good lesson to take proper care when operating a truck. Distracted trucker found guilty of homicide Driver might have had his eyes off the road for almost a minute Deborah Whistler, Fleet Owner May 25, 2012 9:52am A judge has found that a truck … Read More

Kris-Way Offers Concord, NH a Local Alternative

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Kris-Way Concord is now open. It offers the Concord Marketplace the option of consistent customer service and individual attention. Kris-Way Concord is a full service facility offering parking, washing, 24 hour road service, and rentals.

Orders Jump, Lead Time on New Equipment Lengthening

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If you’re looking to replace current equipment or are adding trucks to your fleet please be aware that the lead time on new equipment is longer than usual. Production is hampered by parts shortages and an increase in orders over the previous year.

Consumer Prices Increase .04% in April

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The cost of living in the United States rose in April, led by increases in food and fuel. This follows a .05% increase in March. Excluding food and fuel the gauge rose .02%. Rising commodity prices are now pressuring prices. Prices increased 3.2% in the 12 months that ended in April. CPI rose 1.3% from April 2010, the most since February 2010.

Natural-Gas Trucks Face Long Haul

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Natural gas engines are often sighted as an up and coming alternative to diesel engines. But they still face several obstacles.

Industry Trends Lead Fleets to Look to Leasing

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Many of today’s fleets are looking towards leasing equipment instead of ownership. A recent article in Heavy Duty Trucking highlights some of the reasons.

TCA in Support of Electronic Logging Devices

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The Truckload Carriers Association endorsed electronic logging to monitor driver hours last week. The American Trucking Association is moving in the same direction. These developments come in the wake of the FMCSA’s proposal to require electronic on-board recording devices for more than 500,000 motor carriers. The TCA currently has “no position” on electronic on board recorders that monitor truck performance events.

Fuel Prices Rising – Reduce Your Cost

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As fuel prices increase the importance of having the right piece of equipment for your application increases. Proper specifications lead to better fuel economy. Here is a link to retail fuel prices for the United States. Just 2 tenths of a mile per gallon in improved fuel economy can save an operator $2,300 per year per truck assuming an average of $3.60 per gallon and 100,000 miles traveled per year.

What is the Right Engine for Your Fleet?

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Many fleets are moving to using a single uniform spec. For example Con-Way has gone to the Freightliner Cascadia with the Detroit DD13 engine. One reason is that the 13 liter engines used to offer 1,150 lbs-feet of torque back in 1992. The DD13 now offers up to 1650 lb/ft and up to 470 horsepower. The goal is now to balance torque and horsepower needs against fuel economy and weight factors. Of course durability and price are also key factors. … Read More

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