Cold Weather Driving Tips

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I found a good article today on winter driving. As we enter the winter season we ask that all drivers take extra care.

Truck Driving Job – Stay Safe and Survive the Winter Roads


Armil Velos

Few months from now and December is here again. It means that Christmas season is on its way and together with that is the cold weather or winter! Winter brings some of the worst driving conditions and professional drivers are aware of that. It also concerns those professional drivers because it also brings higher risk on their part.

If you are working or your delivery routes are in the Northwest and Northeast, you will be particularly conscious of the hazards that await you. This is the season which brings a lot of discomfort to drivers but with a little forward planning, these discomforts can be eliminated and will prevent a breakdown.
It is advisable not only this season but at all times to test out and check vehicles to make sure that it’s on its top operating condition before you go out for your freezing long haul or even short distance jobs. This will help you to steer clear any unexpected issues that you might encounter on those icy roads.

It will also be better if you ensure that your battery is in its good working condition by having it checked pre-winter for reliability. It may take you some extra time and effort but it will be beneficial for you since the batteries are likely to be the first to suffer under a demanding cold, snowy environment.
Preventive maintenance will be your great tool to avoid more troubles on the road during this season. This will help you avoid unnecessary long delays on deliveries and lost work hours as well as road breakdowns which will effect or have a negative impact on your income. So it is always better to make yourself and your truck prepared at all times.

During the CDL training, you will also expect to learn driving under such road condition. Driving in slippery, wet, and icy roads needs a lot more care. You should drive slowly and be aware of other vehicles around you on the road. You should be patient at all times.

The gentle use of brakes will help you to avoid locking up your rig and sliding off the road. You should also be conscious of overzealous speed as it will also have the same effect. You have to make sure that you keep your rig on the road and give yourself enough distance in order for you to slowdown safely if you have to stop unexpectedly. You will need an allowance to stop because it will take you twice the distance that you will need to stop in a normal road condition as compared to these slippery and wet roads of winter.

You should also be careful and aware of the Black Ice. Black Ice is a phenomenon which causes a lot of accidents because they just look like a wet road in front of you. You can avoid such if you only become more observant on your environment. You can see signs of this phenomenon around the vicinity like ice build up on road signs and trees along the road.

It is important that you keep yourself updated of the latest weather conditions and forecasts on the route that you are taking. This will help you to prepare and be ready in taking that road and will ensure the safety of your truck and yourself and having a safe journey.

Winter is probably the most dangerous time on the road even for professional drivers thus it will really need a lot of care in driving. You should always be alert and focus and be prepared. Here are some things that you need to remember when traveling during this season and driving under such road condition:

-Make sure that your truck/vehicle is in good condition at all times and do check it regularly during your trip

-Make sure that your vehicle is free from ice and snow build up especially around the hood of the truck, lights and windows to ensure great visibility.

-Always keep your gas tank half filled during winter in case you get stranded on the roadside

-Make sure that you have your winter driving kit with you.

-Drive slowly and safely.

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