2010 Class 8 Truck Sales 14.6% Higher Than Last Year

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Reports sighted in the December 27th issue of Transport Topics suggest that demand for new trucks will accelerate sharply in the coming years. Larger fleets are currently driving demand up as older equipment needs to be replaced and late model used trucks are hard to come by.
Many fleets have delayed purchasing new equipment but are now at a point where they cannot hold off any longer. Also, some customers are now seeking out 2010 technology SCR based engines looking to take advantage of the increase in fuel economy. All this points to a better year for truck sales in 2011 and many are predicting a large jump in 2012.
Leasing can provide a good alternative to companies that are looking to turn over their fleet, but who may want to conserve cash for other activities. Leasing allows the customer to avoid a lump sum payment up front. It also provides consistent expenses on both the equipment and maintenance which gives the customer the ability to budget more accurately.
Full Service Lease Customers are able to take advantage of late model equipment, gain access to the latest in technology, and streamline their operation.

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